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TL-HLTF-CD01 Revolutionary TPU Film with Nano Electroplated Coating

Short Description:

Rich color effect -Showing Different colors from different angles, with good metallic feeling

Easy to proceeding, strong adhesive fastness

Good elasticity, durable washing

Suitable for textiles, leather, shoe materials, clothing, bags, tradmarks

Product Detail

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Production Specifications

Product Name

TPU No-Sewing Film

Item No:



Can be customized


Max 54”


60A ~ 95A


Any color and texture can be customized

Working process

H/F Welding, Hot pressing , Stitching


Trademarks, Footwear, garment, bags, outdoor equipment


100% TPU

Products Advantages

Nano TPU plating film is a new type of material with the following four product features and advantages:

✧ Excellent Transparency:

Nano TPU plating film possess excellent transparency and provides high-resolution visual effects, the plating process enhances this transparency and also adds a luxurious touch to the product.

✧ Strong Adhesive and Abrasion Resistance:

The TPU layer allows for excellent adhesion to numerous substrates, furthermore, it also provides a good level of abrasion resistance resulting in increased durability of the product.

✧ Resistance to Environmental Impact:

The Nano TPU plating film has high resistance to environmental impact and thus can withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperature, water or chemical exposure. This makes it suitable for multiple applications, especially in the area of electronic protective film.

✧ Customizable Thickness and Shape:

TPU is a material that can be easily shaped and customized, This allows the Nano TPU plating film to be produced in various thicknesses and shapes to suit the individual requirements of different products.

In summary, Nano TPU plating film possesses the advantages of excellent transparency, strong adhesive and abrasion resistance, resistance to environmental impact, and customizable thickness and shape. As a result, it can be used widely in a number of diverse applications, such as mobile phone protective film, electronic displays, watches, glasses, and other high-tech products.

Why choose US

1. Rich experience and professional knowledge: Our company has many years of experience in the production of TPU and PU shoe materials, and is professional and innovative in developing new products.

2. Quality assurance: Our company uses high-quality raw materials and follows strict production standards and quality control processes. Each batch of products is strictly tested to ensure high quality.

3. Customer service: Our company provides excellent customer service, including timely feedback and assistance, and can provide customers with customized solutions.

4. Fast delivery: Our company has complete equipment, lean production lines, can deliver the required products on time and has the ability to respond quickly.

5. Sustainable development: Our company is committed to environmental protection, and constantly strives to find more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and production methods to meet customer needs and protect the environment.

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