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TL-HLTF-2502 TPU no sew film, no-sewing TPU composite material

Short Description:

High Elasticity – easy to be process, strong adhesive fastness

Stable Quality -Superior stability of bonding & bonding after washing

Various pattern & color - durable washing

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Production Specifications

Product Name TPU No-Sewing Film
Item No: TL-HLTF-2502
Thickness: Can be customized
Width: Max 54”
Hardness: 60A ~ 95A
Color: Any color and texture can be customized
Working process H/F Welding, Hot pressing , Vacuum , Stitching
Application Trademarks, Footwear, garment, bags, outdoor equipment
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Products Advantages

TPU seamless composite film is a new type of material with the following four product features and advantages:

✧ No sutures required:

The production process of the TPU seamless composite film does not require stitching, so there will be no problems such as stitches spreading or falling off, ensuring the service life of the material.

✧ High strength and toughness:

The molecular chain structure of the TPU seamless composite film makes it have high strength and toughness. Even if it is affected by bending, stretching and other forces, it is not easy to break or deform, ensuring the reliability of the material.

✧ Good air permeability and antibacterial properties:

The TPU seamless composite film achieves air permeability through a microporous structure, which can effectively prevent moisture and mold growth, and also has good antibacterial properties, making this material widely used in medical and health fields.

✧ Easy to process and shape:

TPU seamless composite film has good flexibility and processability. It can be processed and shaped by hot press, CNC cutting machine, thermoforming machine and other equipment, and can be customized according to the needs of different shapes and uses.

In summary, the TPU seamless composite film has the advantages of no need for stitching, high strength and toughness, good air permeability and antibacterial properties, and easy processing and shaping. It is suitable for medical treatment, health, sports equipment, clothing, bags, etc. field.

Why choose US

1. Rich experience and professional knowledge: Our company has many years of experience in the production of TPU and PU shoe materials, and is professional and innovative in developing new products.

2. Quality assurance: Our company uses high-quality raw materials and follows strict production standards and quality control processes. Each batch of products is strictly tested to ensure high quality.

3. Customer service: Our company provides excellent customer service, including timely feedback and assistance, and can provide customers with customized solutions.

4. Fast delivery: Our company has complete equipment, lean production lines, can deliver the required products on time and has the ability to respond quickly.

5. Sustainable development: Our company is committed to environmental protection, and constantly strives to find more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and production methods to meet customer needs and protect the environment.

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Q: What kind of equipment is needed to process TPU No-Sewing Film?

Answer: TPU No-Sewing Film can be processed using heat-press laminating machines, as well as conventional sewing equipment.

Q: How many times can TPU No-Sewing Film be heat-compressed?

Answer: TPU No-Sewing Film can usually be thermally laminated more than once, depending on the selected substrate and pressure conditions.

Q: What colors and thicknesses are available for TPU No-Sewing Film?

Answer: TPU No-Sewing Film provides a variety of colors and thicknesses to choose from, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

Q: What are the similarities and differences between TPU No-Sewing Film and PVC products?

Answer: TPU No-Sewing Film is more high-end and environmentally friendly than PVC products. Also, TPU No-Sewing Film has better durability and elasticity.

Q: What is the application range of TPU No-Sewing Film?

Answer: TPU No-Sewing Film is suitable for various composite materials, clothing, footwear, packaging materials and other fields, and can provide excellent waterproof, breathable and barrier properties.

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