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TL-TFDS084A Seamlessly-Electroplated TPU Film with Advanced Adhesion

Short Description:

Scratch-resistant, Never shed powder when bending

Customized Colors and Thickness

Easy to proceeding- suitable for HF Welding, Hot pressing, Stitching

Composite materials can be used on various substrates

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Production Specifications

Product Name

Electroplated TPU no-sewing film

Item No:



Can be customized


Max 54”


60A ~ 95A


Any color and texture can be customized

Working process

H/F Welding, Hot pressing , Stitching


Trademarks, Footwear, garment, bags, outdoor equipment

Products Advantages

Electroplated TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) no-sewing (seamless) film is a material specially used for shoes and clothing. It has excellent clarity and ultra-high resistance to oxidation, high and low temperatures, and can also provide good tear strength and abrasion resistance. Electroplated TPU seamless film is manufactured with revolutionary three-layer seamless technology, which is a high-quality and innovative material.

The product has a wide range of applications and can be used to make anti-slip stickers for soles, clothing decoration, advertising display and other daily uses. Due to its transparency and flexibility, the material is ideal for use in the manufacture of footwear and clothing. In addition, the product is durable and waterproof, so it is also widely used in outdoor and sports equipment. The product's environmental protection has also reached international standards.

plating material
TL-TFDS084A-01 (3)
reflective film

Features of electroplated TPU seamless film:

● Powerful function: high transparency, good oxidation resistance and high temperature and low temperature resistance, strong tear and wear resistance.

● Easy to make: With seamless technology, it can be easily cut, folded and reduced

● Wide range of applications: suitable for sole anti-slip stickers, clothing decoration, advertising display and daily use.

● Environmentally friendly and sustainable: It meets international standards, does not contain toxic and harmful substances, and is environmentally friendly and sustainable

Chemical resistance passed REACH, ROHS, California 65 and RSL tests of various brands

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