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TL-PUPC-13 High color fastness digital printing PU leather, composite material 1.2mm

Short Description:

No fading problem  -  The printed pattern is on the second layer of the product and will not fade

Good abrasion resistance

Color patterns can be customized at will.

Product Detail

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Production Specifications


digital printing PU leather


1.2mm, Can be customized by customers


various color available, can be customized

Touch feeling

Soft or hard, as your requirement


Good quality, fadeless, waterproof, elastic, mildew-proof, anti-scratch, no peculiar smell


All kinds of backings can be customized as follows


15-20 days delivery time, pairs of service, quality control from the source


sofa,car seat,bag,upholstery,shoe,floor,Furniture,Garment, Notebook,etc.


Thousands of patterns can be customized

Why TPU can replace of PVC ?

As far as we know, PVC has always been criticized because it contains harmful substances. Therefore, a more environmentally friendly and non-toxic new material-TPU was invented by people.

What are the advantages of TPU compared to PVC?Let me tell you.

TPU Film have simple molecular structure ( including only C.H.O.N ), TPU doesn’t pollute the air while burning and incinerating and will be degraded naturally within 3~5 years under the action of humidity and microorganism after being buried in soil, so it is a good substitute of PVC products and a main-stream product for environmental production.

- Highly elastic, wear-resistant,

- Anti-yellowing, weather-proof, oil-resistant, acid-proof, warping-resistant,

- Anti-fungus, antibiosis, anti-static, recyclable and degradable

- Safe and durable even in severe environment

- Environment friendly

- Good hydrolysis resistance and weather fastness.

- No affected by oil, chlorine, sweat, cosmetic and seawater

- Smooth surface is advantageous to screen printing

- No losing elasticity in cold or hot environment

- Smoothly rounded edge keep your skin from irritation

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