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TLMF-AR161 Anti-Siphon Microfiber Leather: Durable and Eco-Friendly

Short Description:

1.4mm Microfiber leather, Customized Texture

Various textures, rich color, good quality and reasonable price

Good product stability, Color change after hydrolysis ≥ 4.0 grade

Product Detail

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Production Specifications


Microfiber leather

Material Composition

45% PU, 55% Polyester


54 inches

Color &Texture

various texture available, can be customized


Smooth, glossy appearance with a texture resembling real leather


High release - allows for easy removal from mold


Resilient and long-lasting material; can resist scratches, wear, and tear

Water Resistance

Water-resistant material; easy to clean and maintain


15-20 days delivery time, pairs of service, quality control from the source


Less breathable than genuine leather; may retain heat and moisture


Synthetic material alternative to genuine leather; environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free


sofa,car seat,bag,upholstery,shoe,floor,Furniture,Garment, Notebook,etc.


Less expensive than genuine leather; cost-effective alternative

Standard Physical Properties

● Yellowing discoloring after @70℃≥ 4.0 grade

● Color change after hydrolysis ≥ 4.0 grade

● (Temperature 70°C, Humidity 90%, 72 Hours)

● Bally flexing dry : 100,000 Cycles

● Tear growth strength ≥50N

● Peeling strength ≥ 2.5KG/CM

● Color fastness to crocking ≥ 4.0 grade

● Taber H22/500G)

● Taber abrasion>200 Cycles

● Chemical resistance passed REACH, ROHS, California 65 and RSL tests of various brands

Why choose our Anti-Siphon Microfiber Leathe

1 Introduction:

Siphon-Proof microfiber leather is an innovative material with exceptional strength, durability and water resistance. Manufactured using the latest technology, this leather alternative is an environmentally friendly choice that offers excellent performance and is an ideal so solution for a variety of applications.

2. Features:

Siphon-Proof microfiber leather is engineered with a unique anti-seal membrane to provide superior water protection. Due to its ultra-tight weave and exceptional strength, this leather alternative has many advantages. This material offers exceptional strength and durability, making it ideal for a variety of applications. It is also highly resistant to water, making it ideal for use in outdoor applications or in wet environments. Plus, it's easy to care for and maintain, ensuring years of long-lasting use.

3. Application:

Siphon-Proof microfiber leather is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of applications. This material is ideal for everything from outdoor furniture and upholstery fabrics to automotive interiors and fashion accessories. Its unique anti-seal membrane design makes it ideal for environments where water resistance is critical, such as boats, beach houses or outdoor spaces.

4 Conclusion:

Siphon-Proof microfiber leather is a revolutionary material with exceptional strength, durability and water resistance. Its tight weave and high-quality construction make it ideal for a variety of applications and a smart choice for those looking for a long-lasting, environmentally friendly solution.

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