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TL-HLTF-CR58 Reusing No-Sew Materials for Environmental Sustainability

Short Description:

● Recycle Material – Can issue GRS TC certificate, GRS content 20%~50%

● Easy to proceeding - Application H/F Welding, Hot pressing , Vacuum , Stitching

● Good Elasticity – Washable, high stability

Product Detail

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Production Specifications

Product Name Recycle no-sewing Material, Recycle chips TPU material
Item No: TL-HLTF-CR58
Thickness: 0.7MM
Width: Max 135cm
Hardness: 65-90A
Color Any color and texture can be customized
Working process H/F Welding, Hot pressing , Vacuum , Stitching
Application Footwear, garment, bags, outdoor equipment

Standard Physical Properties

The following is only the test data of our samples, and the products can be customized according to the test requirements of customers.

● Yellowing discoloring after @70℃≥ 4.0 grade

● Color change after hydrolysis ≥ 4.0 grade

● (Temperature 70°C, Humidity 90%, 72 Hours)

● Bally flexing dry : 50,000 to 100,000 Cycles

● Bally flexing (-5-15℃): 20,000 to 50,000 Cycles

● Peeling strength ≥ 2.5KG/CM

● Taber H22/500G) Taber abrasion>200 Cycles

Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistance passed REACH, ROHS, California 65 and RSL tests of various brands
Can issue GRS TC certificate, GRS content 20%~50%

recycle no sew film
recycle TPU chips
Recycled TPU film

Environmental protection is Tonglong’s core values

Tonglong as a company with a sense of social responsibility, we have always adhered to environmental protection policies.Our main product—TPU film,it has simple molecular structure ( including only C.H.O.N ), TPU films doesn’t pollute the air while burning and incinerating and will be degraded naturally within 3~5 years under the action of humidity and microorganism after being buried in soil.It is a good substitute of PVC products and a main-stream product for environmental production.

Tonglong purchases high-quality TPU raw materials, implements strict production management, eliminates the use of recycled materials, and reduces environmental pollution.Our TPU films have passed SGS certification, no phthalates and dimethyl fumarate have been detected, and the content of heavy metals is lower than the prescribed standards.

We believe that by improving production technology, we can reduce pollution to nature and protect the ecological environment of our planet.Environmental protection is one of Tonglong’s core values, and we always adhere to the concept of environmentally friendly production. High-quality TPU film is the best product to realize this value.Tonglong Company produces high-quality and environmentally-friendly TPU films for various companies in the world. They are widely used in children’s shoes, sports shoes, clothes,garments, sports goods and medical products,etc.

Tonglong provide our customers with high-quality and environmentally-friendly TPU films to ensure that customers provide consumers with high-quality and environmentally-friendly products. This is our responsibility and honor, and we believe that Tonglong will continue to provide high-quality environmentally friendly TPU films in the future.

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