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TL-HLTF-R131 Reflection-Enhanced TPU Film without Any Stitches

Short Description:

Rich and diverse texture – texture could be customized

Strong adhesive fastness, durable washing

Good elasticity & Easy to proceeding- suitable for textiles, leather,shoe material, clothing, bags, trademarks,etc.

Product Detail

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Production Specifications

Product Name

reflective TPU high-low temperature film

Item No:



Can be customized


Max 54”


60A ~ 95A


Any color and texture can be customized

Working process

H/F Welding, Hot pressing , Stitching


Trademarks, Footwear, garment, bags, outdoor equipment

ing, Hot pressing , Stitching
Application Trademarks, Footwear, garment, bags, outdoor equipment

Products Advantages

✧ High-quality material:

This reflective TPU high-low temperature film is made of high-quality material, which has good anti-oxidation, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. At the same time, the product also has excellent light transmission and light reflection properties, which can improve people's visibility and safety at night, in heavy rain and other environments.

✧ Wide range of applications:

This reflective TPU high and low temperature film can be widely used in automobiles, safety equipment, outdoor products, clothing accessories and other fields. In the automotive field, it can be used to make car reflective signs, body stickers, etc.; in the field of safety equipment, it can be used to make reflective vests and safety belts; in the field of outdoor products and clothing accessories, it can be used to make reflective bags and reflective bracelets , reflective keychain, etc.

✧ Portable and easy to carry:

The product is light in weight and easy to carry. It can be processed by different processes to form different product forms to achieve reflective effect. At the same time, its softness, durability and corrosion resistance also make it possible for it to be widely used in the field of outdoor products and sports equipment, bringing users a more portable and comfortable experience.

✧ Safety and environmental protection:

The product does not contain any harmful substances, meets environmental protection standards, and has passed multiple tests and verifications, and can meet different high and low temperature resistance requirements, thus ensuring the safety and sustainable development of the product.

Why choose US

1. Excellent R&D team: Our company has a professional R&D team with rich experience and knowledge in business fields such as TPU film, non-sewn material, thermal transfer film, dry color change and compounding. We continue to innovate and develop new products according to market demand to meet the different needs of customers.

2. Advanced production equipment: In order to ensure the quality of products, our company has introduced a number of advanced production equipment at home and abroad, including high-performance extruders, multi-functional compound machines, etc., and carried out fine debugging and daily maintenance. Ensure that the quality of each link is controllable. As a result, we are able to provide high-quality, high-volume products to meet customer needs.

3. High-quality after-sales service: In order to ensure customer satisfaction, our company has a professional after-sales service team, which can respond to customer problems and needs in a timely manner through active follow-up and processing. We will regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys to improve our service quality and customer satisfaction.

4. Pay attention to environmental protection: the company actively fulfills its social responsibilities, and has participated in environmental protection exhibitions and organized volunteer activities for many times. Our company pays attention to the research and development of environmental protection technology, and has launched a series of naturally degradable products, such as biodegradable films, which can effectively reduce environmental pollution and contribute to the realization of sustainable development.

5. Stable supply chain: Our company has established long-term cooperative relationships with many large raw material suppliers to ensure high-quality and stable supply of raw materials. In addition, our company has a number of sales networks, inventory distribution centers and international logistics systems around the world, which can better meet the needs of global customers.

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