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TL-HLTF-HE2512 No Sewing Required: Get Creative with TPU Film, GREEN

Short Description:

Rich and diverse texture – texture could be customized

Strong adhesive fastness, durable washing

Good elasticity & Easy to proceeding- suitable for textiles, leather,shoe material, clothing, bags, trademarks,etc.

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Production Specifications

Product Name High elastic TPU no sewing material
Thickness: Can be customized
Width: Max 54”
Hardness: 60A ~ 95A
Color: Any color and texture can be customized
Working process H/F Welding, Hot pressing , Stitching
Application Trademarks, Footwear, garment, bags, outdoor equipment

Environmental Protection

Thermoplastic polyurethanes mainly divided into polyester and polyether type, it has a wide range of hardness, wear resistance, oil resistance, transparent, good elasticity, good recycling. TPU does not contain plasticizer,so there is non-toxic, no air pollution problem when burning, materials buried in soil in temperature and microbial action for 3-5 years can be decomposed naturally, return to nature. It is widely used in daily necessities, sports goods, toys, decorative materials and other fields. Halogen-free flame retardant TPU can also replace soft PVC to meet the environmental requirements of more and more fields.

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