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High elastic PU leather, Synthetic leather PU base ELASTIC-TLPU GRAY

Short Description:

Microfiber leather, Customized Texture , rich colors, good quality and reasonable price, good product stability.

  • Material composition: 50% PU, 50% Nylon
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    Production Specifications


    High elastic PU leather


    1.4mm, Can be customized by customers


    various color available, can be customized

    Touch feeling

    Soft or hard, as your requirement


    Good quality, fadeless, waterproof, elastic, mildew-proof, anti-scratch, no peculiar smell


    All kinds of backings can be customized as follows


    15-20 days delivery time, pairs of service, quality control from the source


    sofa,car seat,bag,upholstery,shoe,floor,Furniture,Garment, Notebook,etc.


    Thousands of patterns can be customized

    Standard Physical Properties

    ● Yellowing discoloring after @70℃≥ 4.0 grade

    ● Color change after hydrolysis ≥ 4.0 grade

    ● (Temperature 70°C, Humidity 90%, 72 Hours)

    ● Bally flexing dry : 100,000 Cycles

    ● Tear growth strength ≥50N

    ● Peeling strength ≥ 2.5KG/CM

    ● Color fastness to crocking ≥ 4.0 grade

    ● Taber H22/500G)

    ● Taber abrasion>200 Cycles

    ● Chemical resistance passed REACH, ROHS, California 65 and RSL tests of various brands

    Advantages of High Elastic PU Material

    First Aspect: Excellent Elasticity
    - High elasticity allows the material to stretch and return to its original shape without deformation.
    - With excellent elasticity, the material can absorb shock and shock, making it suitable for protective gear and sportswear.
    - Compared with other materials, high elastic PU is more durable and has a longer service life.
    - The material has better shape retention to prevent wrinkling and sagging.
    The second aspect: waterproof
    - High elastic PU is highly waterproof and not easy to absorb moisture.
    - This makes the material suitable for outdoor equipment and clothing that must withstand wet conditions.
    - Water resistance also helps prevent stains and makes the material easier to clean.
    - High water impermeability, suitable for waterproof jackets, bags and other products.
    Third Aspect: Versatility
    - Highly elastic PU can be formulated in a variety of textures and colours.
    - This allows the material to be applied to various products such as shoes, bags and upholstery.
    - The material is easily adaptable to various manufacturing processes.
    - It can be coated or treated to enhance its properties, such as fire resistance or antimicrobial properties.
    - The material is environmentally friendly and recyclable, reducing the impact on the environment.
    NOTE: Specific points may vary depending on available studies/references.



    Q: What is High Elastic PU Material?

    A: High Elastic PU Material is a type of polyurethane material that has excellent elasticity properties. It can be stretched and deformed without losing its original shape, making it ideal for various applications such as sportswear, protective gear, and outdoor equipment.

    Q: What are the advantages of High Elastic PU Material?

    A: The advantages of High Elastic PU Material include its excellent elasticity, water resistance, versatility, durability, and eco-friendliness. It is highly durable and can withstand shock and impact. It is also water-resistant, easily adaptable to different textures and colors, and is eco-friendly.

    Q: What are the typical applications of High Elastic PU Material?

    A: High Elastic PU Material is used in a variety of applications, including sportswear, protective gear, outdoor equipment, shoes, bags, and upholstery. Its versatility allows it to be used in many different fields and industries.

    Q: How is High Elastic PU Material manufactured?

    A: High Elastic PU Material is manufactured by a process called polymerization. The process initially involves the production of a polymer, which is then mixed with other chemicals to create the final material. The final material is then molded or fashioned into the desired shape.

    Q: Is High Elastic PU Material resistant to extreme temperatures?

    A: Yes, High Elastic PU Material is resistant to extreme temperatures. It is highly durable and can maintain its elasticity even in extreme temperatures, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

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