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TL-ECTF High Quality Extruded TPU film

Short Description:

> Vavious Colors Can be customized.

> Harness : 60A-98A

> Thickness:  0.06-2.2mm

> Application: H/F welding, Stitching,Vacuum forming

Product Detail

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Production Specifications

Product Name TPU Film
Item No: TL-ECTF
Harness: 60A-98A
Thickness: 0.06mm-2.2mm
Width: 105cm/138cm
Color Transparent, matt, other sold color can be customized
Working process H/F Welding, Hot pressing , Composition , No Sew Film
Application Trademarks Footwear, garment, bags, outdoor equipment

Product Features


High quality extruded TPU film

●  Rich colors can be customized In order to meet different needs, we provide a variety of color options, which can be customized according to your preferences and project needs, making your products more personalized.

● Hardness range: 60A-98A Our TPU film has a wide range of hardness, from 60A to 98A, which meets the hardness requirements of different projects and provides you with a variety of choices.

● Thickness range: 0.06-2.2mm Our TPU film can provide different thickness options from 0.06mm to 2.2mm to meet the needs of different projects for film thickness and provide more application flexibility.

Why choose Us

✧ Product Quality Assurance:

Tong Long has the highest level of technology accumulation and research and development in the film industry, and the various indicators of TPU film far exceed industry standards.

✧ Abrasion resistance:

Our TPU film has excellent abrasion resistance, which can maintain excellent performance in long-term use and prolong the service life of the product.

✧ Strength and toughness:

Our TPU film has excellent strength and toughness, which can withstand different stresses and pressures, ensuring the stability and reliability of the product.

✧ Waterproof performance:

Our TPU film has excellent waterproof performance, which can effectively block moisture and liquid penetration, keeping your products dry and safe in humid environments.


Application Areas

TPU film has a wide range of application fields, the following are some of the main fields:

Packaging industry: TPU film can be used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and industrial product packaging, etc. It has good moisture resistance and barrier properties, which can protect the product from the external environment.

Textile industry: TPU film can be used to make waterproof, breathable and wear-resistant textiles, such as outdoor clothing, sports equipment and shoe materials. Electronic products: TPU film can be used for waterproof, dustproof and screen protection functions of electronic equipment. It can be used as a protective film for mobile phones, tablets, smart watches and other devices.

Automotive industry: TPU film can be used in automotive interior materials, seat materials and body protective films. It has high strength and abrasion resistance, which can provide good protection and comfort.

Medical industry: TPU film can be used in medical equipment, medical packaging and pharmaceutical packaging, etc. It has medical grade anti-bacterial properties and chemical resistance.

Construction industry: TPU films can be used in construction materials, such as roofing membranes, waterproof membranes and heat insulation membranes. It can provide waterproof, moisture-proof and heat-insulating functions.

In addition to the above fields, TPU film can also be used in aerospace, sporting goods, agriculture and other fields, and the specific application depends on the characteristics and needs of the product.

In general, TPU film is widely used in many industries, providing more functions and protection for products.


Q: May I customize for the colors/patterns/size or other special specification for the order?

A: Sure, we are good at custom design, and We have a professional R&D department that can respond quickly and complete sample development according to customer requirements.

Q: May I have your standard sample for testing?

A: No problem, we can provide the existing samples for your testing free of charge, please contact us with specific needs.

Q: What’s your minimum order quantity?

A: Different types are different MOQ. If we have in stock, there is no MOQ.

Q: What’s your price?

A: Quotation based on your product quantity and process requirements. Please advise your quantity and application, we will quote a best price for you.

Q: May I visit your factory?

A: Sure, we have Factory in Dong Guan China and Vitenam, Which place is more convenient for you?  We are looking forward to meeting you.

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