TPU heat transfer lettering film

TPU heat transfer lettering film

Roughly divided into: luminous, flocking, matte, reflective, metallic, fluorescent, laser, gold onion, printing color film heat transfer lettering film and so on.

TPU heat transfer lettering film, a high-priced consumable that few people asked for before, is now a new favorite, on the one hand, with the maturity of technology to bring down the price, on the other hand, it is convenient and fast, it can reduce the use of labor, providing a better choice for small and medium-sized clothing processing orders, there is another aspect is its effect beyond the traditional screen printing, whether the texture, feel, color, three-dimensional sense are Traditional screen printing is incomparable.

1) Available colors: white, red, black, blue, green and 24 other colors.

2) Suitable materials: any dark and light colored textile fabrics.

3)Can be printed: digital numbers in ball uniforms, text LOGO, sports couples, personalized pattern transfer, logo text, corporate workwear, non-woven swimwear, children’s clothing, jacket, sportswear, sun hats, umbrella synthetic materials, school bags, gloves, leather, tents, sun umbrellas, diving suits and various other aspects.

4) characteristics: after ironing than the traditional screen printing effect is good, and wash not bad, the adhesion is very good. No plate, not like the original screen printing need to make a plate, a piece of printing, printing dark clothes are not transparent, three-dimensional sense, after printing with high temperature cloth and then press the effect is good.

5) about time and temperature: in general, the temperature is 130 ℃-150 ℃, time is 13-15 seconds, sometimes depending on the different fabrics to determine the time and temperature.

Post time: Nov-23-2021