Lettering film

Lettering film

The types of lettering film are TPU elastic lettering film, gold onion lettering film, laser lettering film, imitation metal lettering film, printable lettering film, Full star heat transfer lettering film(ALL STARS), Full star heat transfer lettering film(DRAWING), flocking lettering film, reflective lettering film, luminescent lettering film, PU heat transfer lettering film, Glitter heat transfer lettering film, Glow in the dark lettering film, etc.

The following are the two main types of lettering films.

Laser lettering film

Adopting high quality polyester (PET) film material, the dazzling effect is made by laser holographic processing; 100UM thick high temperature resistant polyester (PET) with adhesive release substrate, no deformation by high temperature stamping, no degumming, no color loss, high coverage, matching a variety of colors, hard feel, and it can carry on the higher value of deep processing, making it more adaptable to the pursuit of individuality in the fashion industry of decoration.


Foamed lettering film

Using polyurethane (TPU) elastic material, with 3D three-dimensional effect after heating and transferring; 100UM thick high-temperature resistant polyester (PET) with adhesive release substrate, no deformation by high-temperature stamping, no degumming, suitable for application to fashion or children’s clothing.

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The lettering film will be tested after production, including tensile strength test, brightness test, water resistance, etc. Special materials require different tests to ensure the quality of the product is up to standard.


Post time: Nov-13-2021