Are you a trading company or a manufacturer ?

We are a manufacturing factory that located in Dongguan,China.

What do Tonglong can produce?

Tonglong is a professional TPU/PU film manufacturer. Products include: TPU/PU film, heat transfer material,Lettering film, No sewing film,Tinted & Colored film and so on.Customized are accepted.

May I have your sample?

We are happy to send samples to you for inspection. Samples are free, but you may need to pay the courier fee.

What kind of substrate does artificial leather have?

The main substrates are: imitation cotton wool, nano PU, high density pu,Microfiber leather.

May I customize for the colors/patterns/size or other special specification for the order?

We accept customized specification of your order, but the quantity need to meet our minimum requirement due to the loss of machine and raw materials etc.

How do you transport the products?

Normally, we would transport by sea .We would follow your requirement to choose also.

What's your price ?

Quotation based on your product quantity and process requirements. Please advise your quantity and application, we will quote a best price for you.Our prices are extremely competitive.

How to solve the quality problems after sales?

1) Take photos of the problems and send to us.
2) Take videos of the problems and send to us.
3) Send back the problem products by express to us.
4) After we comfirmed the problems, we will draw up the satisfied proposal for you within three days.

What is the packaging standard?

Normally pearl cotton, packing bag, fixed card board, we pack our product in plastic or cartons ,it can be customized by your requirement.

What's your minimum order quantity ?

Different types are different MOQ. If we have in stock, there is no MOQ.

Why TPU can replace of PVC ?

TPU Film have simple molecular structure ( including only C.H.O.N ), TPU doesn't pollute the air while burning and incinerating and will be degraded naturally within 3~5 years under the action of humidity and microorganism after being buried in soil, so it is a good substitute of PVC products and a main-stream product for environmental production.
- Highly elastic, wear-resistant,
- Anti-yellowing, weather-proof, oil-resistant, acid-proof, warping-resistant,
- Anti-fungus, antibiosis, anti-static, recyclable and degradable
- Safe and durable even in severe environment
- Environment friendly
- Good hydrolysis resistance and weather fastness.
- No affected by oil, chlorine, sweat, cosmetic and seawater
- Smooth surface is advantageous to screen printing
- No losing elasticity in cold or hot environment
- Smoothly rounded edge keep your skin from irritation

What are the recommendations for the application of materials?

This material has good adhesion to textile, polyester, cotton, blended fabric, TPU, and has good resilience, elasticity, heat resistance, cold resistance and water resistance.The material development direction and application is for clothing, shoes, textile accessories, handbags, luggage, daily necessities (raincoats, waterproof jackets), sporting goods (soccer leather), toys (inflatable toys), decorative materials (hangings, logos).

How to confirm the quality with us before start to produce?

1) You can get a free sample and choose from it, and then we make the quality according to that.
2) Send us your samples, and we make the product according to your quality.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept L/C at sight ,T/T so far,and other payment will be accepted according the development .

How to store TPU / PU film products?

Avoid dampness and direct sunlight. Keep the warehouse ventilated and dry. Do not place it directly on the ground.

What‘s difference of Polyether TPU film and Polyester TPU film?